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I've worked for major, global companies for many years as spokesperson, representing some of the strongest and most well-known brands in the industry.

Having participated in global launches and worked with cross-cultural organizations/international teams have offered me many great opportunities.

Finding the perfect blend of large-scale global campaign concepts and locally flavored elements to render products and services relevant and attractive on the Swedish market is something I have come to truly enjoy and master.

My LinkedIn profile elaborates on my various positions, responsibilities and achievements. It also includes testemonials from colleagues I've had great pleasure collaborating with.

As consultant today, my skills, experience and network will help you succeed in reaching out to your target audiences and attain your communication and business goals. My services include:



Media relations – Planning, implementing and following up on traditional and social media outreach that engages and interests a Swedish audience: a tech-savvy, digitally sophisticated, diverse and equality-driven one at that! Media training and crisis communications are also provided.

Public Affairs – Create a greater understanding of local policital processes and systems that impact your business; identifying key influencers and authorities, as well as the best means to provide decision makers with necessary, helfpul information.

Strategic communications – creating awareness of and ensuring the value of brand platforms, communication strategies, PR plans, social media policies, content strategies, crisis readiness plans, media and spokesperson policies, sustainability and diversity strategies.


I'd love to learn more about your challenges and opportunities, as well as how you use communications to reach your goals in the Swedish marketplace.

If you're not in Sweden, let’s set up a Skype meeting!


Phone: +46 733 99 99 25